• Leader in high performance
    fire fighting equipment
  • Delivering high-quality products
  • Creating value for customers
  • Providing exceptional service
  • Leader in high performance
    fire fighting equipment




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certified quality

Certified Quality

FM, MED, USCG independently certified and approved, ISO 9001 registered with UL

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Superior Value

Dedication to the highest product quality at the most competitive prices

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Dedication to supply the highest quality products in the shortest lead time

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Dedicated Support

Fast price quote, technical clarification and product troubleshooting




Protek Manufacturing Corp. is a leader in providing high performance fire fighting equipment. Since 1972, Protek has adhered to three operating principles of delivering high-quality products, creating value for our customers and providing exceptional service. We offer a wide range of products from handline and master stream nozzles to fire monitors and foam equipment, as well as a wide selection of accessories and valves to broaden the application of our products. We serve various markets across government & municipality, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining & construction, marine & offshore, wildland forestry, airports, commercial and industrial fire protection. We have considerable experience in supplying major projects and have secured contracts on an international bid basis.


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The Style 933Excel Remote Control Monitor produces efficient flows up to 750 GPM via convenient and intuitive controls. Its CAN control system features an easy “plug and play” setup. This compact monitor is designed with dual-speed control for accelerated water stream positioning.