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622E 2

Dual-Purpose Remote Control Ground Monitor
  • Technologically advanced, remote control portable or deck monitor

  • Comes with Style 817E Electric Monitor Nozzle, wireless transmitter, battery recharger and canvas bag for detachable folding legs
  • Full 3" waterway for flow rate of up to 800 GPM (3030 LPM), subject to selection of model
  • 360˚ rotation
  • Vertical travel of 63˚ from 12˚ to 75˚ above
  • Compact folding base can be stored in any truck compartment or pre-connected in the hose bed
  • Carbide-tipped spikes for extended resistance to wear
  • Large handle for excellent portability
  • Fully enclosed worm gear is protected from the elements
  • Brushless electric motor designed to eliminate sparks and reduce risk of ignition
  • Automatic power off function during inactivity for enhanced performance and safety
  • Programmable automatic oscillation 
  • Standard 24V with AC-110V to 220V power supply
  • Compatible with a wide range of Protek nozzles and accessories
Style: 622E-2
Product Name: Dual-Purpose Remote Control Ground Monitor
Flow Rate: 800 GPM (3030 LPM)
Inlet: 2-1/2" (x2) (65 mm)
Outlet: 2-1/2" (65 mm)
Control: Electric
Vertical Travel: 63° from 12° to 75° above
Rotational Travel: 360°
Material: Alloy
Finish: Red Powder Coating
Weight: 59.5 lbs (27 kg)
Compatible Products: 119, 120, 190, 622 Monitor Base, 622 Monitor Liftoff, 656, 822, 823, 835, 847, 887, 888
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