Handline Nozzles

Protek offers a premium selection of handline nozzles that are designed for all fire ground needs. Our suite of Selectable Gallonage Nozzles, Multi-Purpose Nozzles, Automatic Nozzles and Constant Gallonage Nozzles offer a versatile range of flow-control settings, suitable for various industrial, municipal and marine applications. Our High Pressure Nozzles provide powerful penetration through masonry walls and most hidden trouble spots. Our unique Shockless Nozzles significantly reduce fire fighter fatigue by reducing reaction torque.


In addition, we offer a wide range of Foam Nozzles, featuring inbuilt eductors, high-pressure applications, foam pattern control and dual agent flexibility, suitable for various foam types, including AFFF, AR/AFFF, Class A and Haz Mat foams.


All nozzles are compatible with Protek's Foam Aspirating Tubes. All Protek nozzles are NFPA compliant.