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Industrial Monitor
  • Rugged and flow-efficient monitor with high reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Full 2-1/4" waterway for flow rate of up to 500 GPM (1900 LPM)
  • Ideal for marine, offshore, industrial and other corrosive environment
  • Corrosion resistant brass construction
  • Cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow and minimal friction loss
  • Highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate
  • Positive friction locks for both horizontal and vertical travel to hold desired position
  • Compact design and low-profile
  • Optimise advanced computer aided design and testing technology
Style: 605
Product Name: Industrial Monitor
Flow Rate: 500 GPM (1900 LPM)
Operating Pressure: 200 psi (14 bar)
Inlet: 2" (50 mm), 2-1/2" Flange, 3" Flange
Outlet: 1-1/2" (38 mm)
Control: Tiller Bar
Vertical Travel: 140° from 80° above to 60° below horizontal
Rotational Travel: 360°
Material: Brass
Finish: Red Powder Coating
Weight: 19 lbs (9 kg)
Compatible Products: 366-BCTO, 367-BCTO, 372-BCTO, 373-BCTO, 818-BC, 819-BC, 820-BC, 881-BC, 883-BC